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We individually are the sum total our own lives. And if in some way we have not reached out and touched are added our own inspiration of life to that of another human being, then our moment in time on this little green world would have been without purpose.

C.W. Bolts






Solitary Tree

Charles Bolts was born on April 23, 1949 in Phoenix, Arizona. His early life as a youngster was spent growing up on farm labor camps as one of six children to a single parent. During those years in the camps, the playing of music especially the blues filled the night air. He wasn’t a fan of the type of blues that the older people used to listen to back then, and as a young teen he considered it “a downer”. By the time he was in high school, the era of the Fifties was all but gone. He felt as though he had missed out on the most wonderful music era of all times; The Rock and Roll Era of the Fifties. His development of love and appreciation of the arts has enabled him to soar into different directions and meet and associate with people from many walks of life, and quite a few of them are entertainers themselves.

Mr. Bolts attended Tempe Union High School in 1969 and largely due to his award winning personality and ability to interact with people, had an opportunity to get into acting, but turned it down. Over the years, his employment has led him from working for the city to the local newspaper in Phoenix as a pressman printer for 17 years where he also received his journeyman card in graphics and printing.  During his time at the newspaper, he learned about graphics and communications, and utilizing his “golden mind”, he had an idea of how to advertise and make the paper available to online users and subscribers.

 Shortly thereafter, the newspaper launched its Internet presence which is still in effect today. His first venture as an event promoter was in 1995 where he hosted a festival, which was eventually published in a promotional book. As a previous business owner of a computer store, Mr. Bolts learned to nurture  and expand greater visions of how to promote his ideas via cyber space, and formed his first project I  idea, “Phoenix Skyline” (which has since been bought out), as a means of connecting and spreading  the wealth of his ideas to the world. His writings and stories have allowed him to experience his true self starting in high school and continuing while in attendance at Phoenix College. Through natural processes and life experiences, his innovative ideas, need for knowledge, heart for the arts, meeting people, and pursuing dreams have enabled him to create sound relationships and the ability to see even farther then he once believed that he could go.

As he became more determined and self-assured, Mr. Bolts increased his associations and larger scaled thinking. He met a woman who was looking into managing a popular singing group from the 50's, “The Drifters”. During the conversation, she had asked him some advice, in which he offered to work with her in order for her to get better exposure. Being the humanitarian that he is, his selflessness and eagerness began to unlock doors that he was unaware that he possessed the keys to. Shortly after their meeting, “Winsong Entertainment” was born and this entity specialized in helping and featuring groups and individuals with grooming and marketing their talents. His 8-week show spot on radio station 1480 AM gained him endorsements by the host, Dr. Mike Newcomb, which led to nationwide exposure. Upon the conclusion of Mr. Bolt’s AM radio show, he erected his Internet radio show, “The Charlie Bolts Show”, which has increased his popularity and reputation in the entertainment industry across the country and in Canada.

His Internet show has featured talented individuals as: George Benson; Brittany Bracket; Raven  Magwood; Matt Cusson; Freddy Johnson, Saxophonist; Sheldon Reynolds, Musician & Producer;  Lenny Springs, President Obama’s administration Senior Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer for  Traditionally Under-Resourced Schools; and Dr. Rinoko Rashidi, African-American Historian.

High School 1969