I was brought into life in a most wonderful way.  With my first breath I came crying loudly, searching wildly for the companion that had delivered me across the infinite halls of time to the threshold of life.

The umbilical lifeline that has sustained me in my embryonic world has been severed for all time.  I am never to make this journey again.  My precious companion where are you I cry in my strange tongue.  You and I have been silent mariners for so long a time.  Don't abandon me now, I cry.

Yet I sense the presence of my companion.  I feel the gentle warmth and security of the chamber that was my silent world.  And from my chamber I came to understand and love my precious companion.   And she came to be a gentle comfort to me in my dark and silent world.

Suddenly with gentle power I was brought near to the warmth of my companion. Although my umbilical lifeline has been severed forever I realize with apprehension that it was only one of many lifelines that will to bring purpose to my existence in this strange world.

As I stand on the shores of life I wonder will the companion guide and direct me through this strange and demanding wonder called life.©

Charles W.  Bolts



A solitary tree standing in a forest of sisters

She has sunk her tap roots down deep into life’s ways

Her legacy, a faithful friend, a good mother, and a capable wife

Her good lover has showered her with praise

Her motherly ways are a source of life

She has sit quietly crying into the waning night

All alone when abandoned by the one who was her hearts delight

In her quiet pain she was comforting others when for her all was not right

She has stood alone gracefully in a divine light

A solitary tree standing in a forest of sisters©