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The story of my slow descent into the dark recesses of human depravity and my subsequent spiral into suffering began on a hot summer day June 9,1968 to be precise. Up until that day, I was a normal sixteen year old child with nothing better in life than explore the vanity of my youth.

I had been recounting for years to anyone who would listen to my story as a sixteen year old black child who had been falsely accused of a non-violent crime, in which I was sent to the Maryland State Penitentiary in Baltimore City. As the years started to slip by, I began wonder if my life story would ever be told.

It’s my pleasure to share my story in my Book “ The Inner Most Circle of Hell” The True Life Story of James Joseph Owens-El

The Inner Most Circle of Hell

I was sixteen years old in 1968, when I entered this place once called “The Inner Most Circle of Hell” The Maryland Penitentiary in Baltimore City. I spent the better part of my childhood behind those walls. If it hadn’t been for the love of my mother and grandmother’s teachings, I wouldn’t have survived to tell my story. It’s my hope that my story will inspire tolerance and respect for what humanity hold so dear “Freedom”.

James Joseph Owens-El

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