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Papa Cool, I’m looking forward to sharing his music with the World. Papa Cool started his music playing with the Neville brothers in New Orleans and had the honor of playing with many legions throughout his career. Papa Cools desire is that his music touches you in a heartfelt way. Papa Cools Dear friend, James Alario produced his video, "My Time Has Finally Come." This one act of kindness has given me the opportunity to share my passion with the World!

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I once met Papa Cool one evening playing his soulful Blues in front of all places a  Wal Mart Store. I guess it was fitting seeing how his music was from another time in my life. It brought back childhood memories of the old farm labor cotton camps, I grew upon. It was hard times back then and it was the haunting sounds of his type of Blues that many of the Old folks would listen to long into the night air. You didn't have much to look forward to other than hard times and troubles. Papa Cool is a vanishing treasure.  For contact info on Papa Cool go to  papa

James Alario