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Me and Jerome enjoyed sitting and eating our fried chicken, ice cream and watermelon, just enjoying ourselves on our grandfather’s front porch.  I could see that my father and grandfather had something very special in one another’s company. To this day, I can still see myself and Jerome just sitting and listening as they talk.  While the soulful sound of singer Solomon Burk would be playing in the back ground my father and grandfather spoke.  My father and mother loved the music of Solomon Burk’s. There was one special song of his they loved very much; it was called, “If You Need Me”.  Whenever that song played my mother would rock back and forth moving as if in a trance to the slow pace of the music towards my father.  

For the record, when I was ten years old my father told me a story he had never shared with my older brothers and sisters.  We had a unique relationship my father and me.  He let me know he had a great deal of respect for my view.  He saw that I had a mature outlook beyond my youth.  That’s why I believe he told me the story of how he was recruited to transport the pure nitro-glycerin from the Aberdeen proving grounds to the ordinance depot on Pennington Avenue that was located at Locus Point Baltimore, Maryland in 1941.  

He related how a conversation between his sisters Helen Owens Walker my aunt and the then Secretary of Defense. My father said from the ensuing conversation between his sister and the Secretary resulted in him being picked to deliver the pure nitro-glycerin used to detonate the atom bombs dropped on Japan.  At the time my aunt was employed at the U. S. Army Base Fort George E Mead at Odenton, Maryland.  While working on a small arms assembly line one day the then Secretary of Defense ask a group of the workers if any of them knew someone that would be willing to deliver some nitro-glycerin from the Aberdeen Proving grounds to Baltimore, Maryland?  He went on to mention how difficult it was in finding anyone in the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corp or Air force who were willing to transport the pure nitro-glycerin needed for the Atom bombs.  He said my aunt cried out she knew just the man for the job.

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