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Born in Louisiana, Wes Ricks' music is a by-product of his Choctaw Indian roots, but oddly enough, his musical journey began in Vietnam. From 1966 to 1967 he was a "River Rat" for the U.S. Navy patrolling the waters -- "a sitting duck" in a small 2-man boat, often 24-hour days, looking for Viet Cong and smugglers carrying contraband -- drugs, munitions and anything that would aid the enemy.  After his tour of duty Wes along with his guitarist and Vietnam veteran Ed McNatt joined up for Guitar 4 Vets and keyboard lessons through the Phoenix VA Health System's Recreation Therapy program. Wes life took a turn that became a blessing for him one day as he and his late wife, Margie walked through the Mall in Tempe, AZ Wes heard the distinctive sound of a pentatonic flute being played by Native American flutist, Sagio as if being called for a mission in life Wes was hooked on the sound of the melodic flute. However His musical career was put on hold for 12 years, while he cared for his beloved wife Margie until her death in 2007.

 Wes expressed his "inner self." His heritage, heartache, harrowing experiences and happiness in his music. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: "Many people will die with their music still in them." But Wes Ricks won't be one of those people. Born in Louisiana, Wes Ricks' music is a by-product of his Choctaw Indian roots.

Wes and his Gutarist Ed McNatt traveled around the state and country sharing their brotherhood of love to both solders and civilians. The Band “Work at Play led by Mr. Marzett King has been nothing short of a great component to the success of Wes Musical phenomenon.

When I first met Wes for an interview on my show I was taken by his quiet Dignity for the individuals person. But what struck me with even deeper was the way I felt when  the soul penetrating sound of his music evoke my spirit to tears. I was taken by Wes music later on that evening I went home and wrote a poem. When Wes and the band heard the poem they immediately wanted to put it music.